#1532: The Green Living Guy

Seth-LeitmanDo the electric slide into an EV (electric vehicle), and plug into a greener way to travel. My guest this week, Seth Leitman, a/k/a Green Living Guy, brings his expertise on vehicles that are electrifying the roadways. From Ford Fusion to Mitsubishi to Tesla, we learn about how the car industry is heading towards a more electric future. Seth’s Green Guru Guides and soon to be videos, are great tools to help you become a more sustainable Earthling. For more information go to greenlivingguy.com

#1532: The Green Living Guy by The Many Shades Of Green on Mixcloud

#1525: 2015 Clearwater Music Festival

Abba-and-M-clearwaterNeither rain, nor fog, nor soggy dew could dampen the spirit of the Clearwater 2015 Festival. We spoke to many environmental activists and green entrepreneurs who are creating ideas, and spreading the message about the need to be proactive stewards of Mother Earth. Music echoed throughout the festival, with many performers motivating the populace to take a stand and raise their voices on environmental and social justice issues. Music icon David Crosby, sang new songs with lyrics that commented on the nation’s current state of affairs, and implored people to email, call or show up at the offices of their elected officials and make some noise. Pete Seeger would have been proud to see his vision perpetuated. For more info go to clearwater.org.

#1525: 2015 Clearwater Music Festival by The Many Shades Of Green on Mixcloud

#1514: Bringing Zen Into Your Life


What steps can you take to enhance the flow of chi? How do you create functional, sustainable and balanced spaces in your home by using Feng Shui techniques? What does the color green represent on the BAGUA MAP, and how many shades of green are there? Find out by tuning in, as this week’s guest, and friend of the show Anjie Cho and I discuss how to put some Feng in your Shui. Her new book: 108 Ways to Create Holistic Spaces, is a must read to bring zen and harmony into your life. Anjie is a LEED certified green architect, and is a BTB Feng Shui practitioner. For information go to holisticspaces.com. Her new book is available on amazon.com

#1443: Jesse Carmichael: Founding Band Member of Maroon 5 & Environmental Advocate

Jesse-Carmichael-Maxine-Margo-Rubin-The-Many-Shades-of-Green-2Music is the message and musicians are the messengers. Fans connect with their favorite artists, and follow their lead in both music and philosophy. Join me and my guest this week, Jesse Carmichael, guitarist and keyboard player for the rock band Maroon 5, as we talk about how he connects with his fans on issues of sustainability and social justice. On his green path he helps foster environmental stewardship of organizations such as SHFT, ACE, The Climate Reality Project and Vote Solar. Jesse is working on a solo project entitled “1863” and Maroon 5 has a great new album out called “V”. For more information go to maroon5.com, votesolar.org, ACE (acespace.org), SHFT (shft.com) and The Climate Reality Project (climaterealityproject.org). You can tweet Jesse @JRCarmichael



#1428: Gennaro Brooks-Church, EcoBrooklyn

Gennaro-Brooks-Church-Eco-Brooklyn-The-Many-Shades-of-GreenA river runs through it, and it is up on the roof. Tune in to find out how my guest Gennaro Brooks-Church, Director of EcoBrooklyn, created a river on a roof, which uses gray water and rain water filtration systems to cut down on water use, while creating a beautiful waterscape. We also discuss ways to keep your home more energy efficient, by using less waste, via reusable materials and installing passive heating and cooling systems. Water is a precious commodity, and we talk about the sewage/water issues affecting the neighborhoods closest to the Gowanus Canal. Gennaro is building green to keep his “Build It Forward” mantra alive for future generations. For more info go to www.ecobrooklyn.com

#1428: Gennaro Brooks-Church, EcoBrooklyn

#1415: Recyclebank

recyclebankAmericans do not recycle enough and landfills are clogged with unnecessary waste. Enter Recyclebank, a model company that rewards towns, businesses and individuals for increasing their recycling capacities. Erika Diamond, Vice President of Community Solutions, explains that behavioral change is possible when incentives and rewards are put into place to promote positive behavior. Recyclebank is working to increase recycling rates, which will reduce waste disposal via education, gamification and public/private partnerships, to get communities to participate in green actions thus making the planet cleaner and safer. To find out how you can get involved, go to www.recyclebank.com

#1415: Recyclebank

#1410: 2GreenMinds & Holistic Spaces

Part 1: Ann DelmarmoAnn-Delmarmo-2-green-minds
Americans use about 2,200 paper napkins per person each year, that is a lot of unnecessary waste in landfills. Enter Ann Delmarmo, one of the founders of 2GreenMinds, a company that produces a product called eco-kins, a napkin you can take everywhere, and re-use on a daily basis. Find out how an idea sprouting from necessity is helping solve a problem of unnecessary waste. Tune in to get more info on Ann, 2GreenMinds and where you can get eco-kins.

Anjie-Cho-ProfPart 2: Anjie Cho
How can we nourish our spaces and ourselves? Anjie Cho, founder of Holistic Spaces, Feng Shui architect and green designer, explains how simple it is to feed our mind and body in order to create more balanced spaces that give positive energy or “chi”. Learn about EMFS, and how you can reduce your exposure to electromagnetic fields that emit from your smartphones, TVs, computers, tablets and transmission lines. Go to www.anjiecho.com for more information.

#1410: 2GreenMinds & Holistic Spaces