#1348: Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage

Tony-Sirna-Dancing-Rabbit-EcovillageMy co-producer Abba Carmichael steps in to host TMSOG, and chats with Tony Sirna co-founder of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, a highly sustainable community, which encourages members to live off the land, off the grid and reduce consumption. They are a stellar example of being one with nature and being mindful of Mother Earth. Tune in to find out more about how Dancing Rabbit Eco Village is a model for eco awareness and preservation of the planet. Go to www.dancingrabbit.org for more info.

1311: Tiokasin Ghosthorse, Pt 1 of 2


Join me and “spiritual agitator”, advocate of Indigenous Rights, and host of First Voices Indigeneous Radio on WBAI, Tiokasin Ghosthorse, for a two part series on Native Americans. Learn about their struggles, their wisdom, and their connection to Mother Earth. We have to respect those who were here before us and who deserve our attention and compassion. Tiokasin imparts his wisdom, as we take a journey into the history of the Lakota people, as well as the Elder Brothers from the Kogi Tribe and their warning about what we are doing to the environment. Tune in and be moved by the spirit and knowledge of Tiokasin Ghosthorse.


#1311: Tiokasin Ghosthorse, Pt 1 of 2