Teaching Kids to Garden with Karen Bazik Super Gardener and Educator

There was an animated TV show in 1991 called Captain Planet, which brought the need to protect planet Earth to the forefront. Gaia, the spirit of the planet, assembled a diverse team of “Planeteers” who were able to combine their powers to summon the appearance of superhero Captain Planet, who worked with the Planeteers to defend Earth from pollution caused by villains. It is a series that should be revived and perhaps tweaked a bit for 2023, to help children understand the need to protect the Earth. The program led to the formation of the Captain Planet Foundation, which gives grants to youth gardens and youth climate education. According to kidsgardening.org the youth garden movement has grown steadily in the past decade as more educators, caregivers, and families get excited about garden-based learning opportunities for kids. With that, the number of national and state grants available for youth gardens has increased. Teaching kids to be stewards of the earth is essential in creating new generations who are aware of the need to be proactive in protecting Mother Nature. Our guest on this episode is Karen Bazik who is working to educate kids about nature and gardening.  She does wonderful innovative and impactful work with kids and young people as a native plant nature educator and mentor in her role as the leader of the Chappaqua Garden Club’s “Junior Garden Club” program.  Karen is doing incredible native planting work with kids at the Chappaqua Library and will be hosting the “Great Pollinator Planting Event” taking place June 2nd 3-5 at the Chappaqua Public Library. https://www.chappaqualibrary.org/special-programs. Also visit New Castle Healthy Yards on Facebook.

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Mothers Day in Retrograde, Mother X artwork, and some companies doing good!

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and we celebrate all women on that day who are caregivers and providers who give of themselves with all their heart and soul. It is also important to celebrate the ultimate mother of us all, Mother Earth. We must be eco-conscious and think about what actions are needed to preserve Mother Nature, so perhaps Mother’s Day traditions can also make space for our collective Mother. In the astrological world, this year on April 21st, Mercury turned retrograde in Taurus, the earth sign that rules sensuality and our bodies. As it turns out, Mercury in Retrograde runs through Mother’s Day, and I am not sure what effect that will have on the moms of the world, all 2 billion of them, as they celebrate the day. What type of energy will wrap itself around moms and Mother Earth? 

It’s interesting to note that in the US, Mother’s Day actually began as a women’s movement to better the lives of Americans. Its origins spring from lifelong activists who championed efforts toward better health, welfare, and peace.  Mother Earth is a metaphor which  focuses on the nurturing and life-giving aspects of nature, and she is THE collective Mother. All mothers want a healthy, safe, clean and green planet so that current and future generations can thrive. As Mother’s Day endures and evolves, we continue to commemorate the many ways mothers have fought to better the lives of their children, from social welfare to non-violence to protecting the planet. On this episode, our resident astrologist, artist, mother of three awesome kiddos, film maker and voice for moms, Charlotte Ghiorse joins us to discuss Earth and Mother connections during this period of retrograde, as well as her Mother X art exhibits, various green subjects and more. For more info check out houseofchoclet.com and Sexy Astrologist on YouTube and Facebook. You can catch past shows on HudsonRiverRadio.com and MalcolmPresents.com #RaiseYourEcoConsciousness

“Motherhood Never Ends” with founder of The Museum of Motherhood, Joy Rose

May is Mother’s Month and we need to give thanks to Mother Earth and all she provides to keep all Earthlings Alive. Mother Earth is not just another mother, she is the greatest mother of them all! She needs to be cared for and protected every day. The same holds true for all mothers who care for others, as many times they neglect their health and well being in that role. There is a history of motherhood and which goes untold. We must be in control of our health, both on a physical and mental level. It’s ok to speak up for our needs, voice our opinions and take the time we need for ourselves. Let’s face it, we are in challenging times, and it is easy to feel down with all of the conversations about guns, corrupt politicians, and the obliteration of women’s reproductive rights and more. Is the mantra that moms can do it all is a myth? Moms need help, which is not always forthcoming, as it truly takes a village to raise a family. In the words of Joy Rose “Motherhood never ends!” Joy is the Founder and Acting Director of the Museum of Motherhood and she joins us on this episode to talk about the many shades of motherhood. Joy is a mother of four now adult kiddos (I knew them when they were littles). She also has two grands, and is a writer, Educator, Adjunct teacher, media maven and is truly a mom who rocks! Joy is a Shero in so many ways! For more info go to mommuseum.org

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Courtney on Health Discusses ARFID-Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder

Parents have to deal with a lot when raising a child, and they hope to have a kiddo who is a  “good” eater. But what happens when your child has little interest in eating food, and has a very limited variety of preferred foods? Chances are the child has ARFID, avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder which is a fairly new eating disorder, and it can lead to poor growth, poor health and improper nutrition. Fear and anxiety about food or the consequences of eating, like choking, can lead to ARFID. It is not the same as being a picky eater, and many times children as well as adults, avoid foods that have an unwanted color, taste, texture or smell. Since there are mental health, sensory aversions and fears regarding food, treatment often takes the form of cognitive behavioral therapy. There is a lot to cover regarding ARFID, and Courtney takes us through treatment options, how it is diagnosed, and what parents and caregivers can do to help their child.

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The Rewilding School with Founder Eric Stone

We are living in stressful times, and connecting with nature is a way to become calmer and more centered. Being in a forest, on a beach or any open space adds to ones sense of well being, and provides a needed respite from the day to day grind of life. While being locked up during covid was horrific on so many levels, it brought more people outdoors, as walks in the woods or any open space provided exercise and benefits to your psyche. Children especially needed to connect to the outdoors and play in a park, make a snowman, build a sand castle, climb a tree, spot fireflies or listen to the songs of the birds. In our busy work-a-day lives, it’s good to know that there are people who help us connect with nature, and with each other. In this episode we talk to Eric Stone, who is a true nature connector. Eric is the founder of The Rewilding School, an outdoor education organization he runs with his partner Megan, which is dedicated to building connections between people and the traditional lands of the Wappinger and Lenape that we now call The Lower Hudson Valley. The Rewilding School runs preschool programs, hands-on summer programs, parent child classes, and workshops for school-age kids. For more info go to rewildingschool.com and @rewildingschool

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Susiku, And More: A Collection of Poems by Susan L. Pollet

Poetry is a verbal art form. I was awed by the young poet Amanda Gorman who wowed everyone at President Biden’s inauguration. I always try to start my podcasts with a poem, as I feel it is important to push poetry out further into other mediums. When I was in grade school we had to memorize a poem and recite it in class. I remember learning The Children’s Hour, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and was so nervous about going in front of the class because I thought I would flub the lines. In an online article in herculture.org Poetry and Social Change Richa Gupta said that “poetry doesn’t solely have a literary dimension; it has a religious one, a social one, a cultural one. An often neglected aspect of poetry is the power it can have in initiating social change, or in raising awareness about different issues people would otherwise remain oblivious to.” Poetry surrounds us daily, especially in the form of lyrics by songwriters (Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell from boomer land, and Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, and Michael Kiwanuka from Z and Millennial generations. The Internet has been a spring board for poetry making it more accessible online with a click of a button. Our guest on this episode is Susan L. Pollet, a poet, artist, author and attorney who has written thought provoking poems which are now available in her most recent book Susiku, and More: a collection of poems. The poems focus on life moments, struggles, conflicts, as well beauty and the environment. The book is divided into two parts. Part One is called Seeking Connection, However Tenuous, and Part Two, Redemption and Renewal, On Occasion. It is available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel and other book retail outlets. Go to SusanPollet.com for more info.


Teach Your Children Well about Climate Change with Guest Harriet Shugarman-Founder of Climate Mama

We are all anxious about world events and particularly to the degradation of the environment. The term eco-anxiety, includes “worry, fear, anger, grief, despair, guilt, and shame, as well as hope. A recent BBC Newsround survey found that 70% of 8- to 16-year-olds report feeling worried about the state of the planet. So how do parents, caregivers and teachers talk to kids about climate change? What can we tell them that will ease their tension about the climate crisis? We discuss these issues with our guest and friend of the podcast Harriet Shugarman, an incredible woman who is working to put children’s minds at ease. Harriet wrote the book, How to Talk to Your Kids About Climate Change:Turning Angst into Action, which provides tools and strategies for parents to explain the climate emergency to their children and galvanize positive action. Check out these websites for more info:

Our Kids Climate https://ourkidsclimate.org/

Parents for Future Global  https://parentsforfuture.org/

How to Talk to Your Kids About Climate Change, Turning Angst into Action. https://www.amazon.com/Talk-Your-About-Climate-Change/dp/0865719365/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=anthropocene&qid=1570739365&s=books&sr=1-2

Global Warming Six Americas, Yale Climate Communications https://climatecommunication.yale.edu/about/projects/global-warmings-six-americas/

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How to Teach Your Kids about Climate Change with guest Harriet Shugarman

Our guest this week, Harriet Shugarman, wrote the book, How to Talk to Your Kids About Climate Change:Turning Angst into Action, which provides tools and strategies for parents to explain the climate emergency to their children and galvanize positive action. Harriet is the Executive Director of ClimateMama, a professor of Climate Change and Society and World Sustainability, and Chair of the Climate Reality Project, NYC Metro Chapter. She is a nationally recognized influencer, connector, and trusted messenger for parents on solutions to our climate crisis. Harriet is a recipient of the prestigious Climate Reality Green Ring Award, and has been praised by Al Gore as “an outstanding Climate Reality Leader, who has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to her role as a climate communicator and activist.” For more info go to ClimateMama.com, climaterealityproject.org, malcolmpresents.com and HudsonRiverradio.com. Tweet us your thoughts @tmshadesofgreen #RaiseYourEcoConsciousness

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Joy Rose, Super Mom of Super Bowl Champion Ali Marpet, is a Mom Who Rocks

Super Mom Joy Rose talks about her now Super Bowl 55 Champion son, Ali Marpet. Joy also shares a poem, talks about The Museum of Motherhood, Moms Who Rock, her band Housewives on Prozac, and much more. Always be nice to your Mama! For more info go to mommuseum.org, hudsonriverradio.com, malcolmpresents.com. Tweet us your thoughts @tmshadesofgreen.com. #RaiseYourEcoConsciousness

Getting Fed Up


By Susan Lutz

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is watch. We know we should speak up. We know we should act. But, at times, we must let go and watch.

For years I’ve watched young people around me participate in life according to what others have told them. Advertisers cram sugar down kids’ throats; plastic toys fill up bins; we consume and consume and create chaos in our drive to satiate our desires.

I’ve worked to be a model for my kids in how I eat. I speak up about how the milk on the table is made and where the eggs in the carton come from. I show them videos about ecology, recycling, and humane treatment to animals. After awhile, I feel like the teacher in the comic strip, the Peanuts: bla bla bla – after awhile, my message thinned over the airwaves of our home. I knew some was getting in, but society pushes hard. I gave up on some issues, even warmed to a few I once staunchly disliked (i.e. Disney comes to mind).

As I watched my kids and friends’ kids grow, I’d learn of one becoming a vegetarian, another off to build a solar boat, and others blossoming in their awareness of the environment. When a young person’s mind turns on, it’s an amazing thing to stand witness too.

After a class of kids I know saw the documentary film, Fed Up, some were appalled at the treatment of our food system and as if awoken from their childhood world and were shocked at how corporations had a grip on what went into our food. Some I talked to truly empathized with people in the story, suffering from obesity or health issues all so companies could turn a buck.

The light bulbs didn’t just go on – the passion arose. I could see their minds ticking and their ire rise. Discovering the message the film was way more powerful than me just babbling on about it at the dinner table. I am sure the message will fade and settle over time but perhaps a few will let it truly sink in.

The hard truth is we have to go back into the grocery stores, feed our families, and ourselves drink our water, and breathe the polluted air. Cutting out sugar is a lot harder once we realize it is in almost everything we eat. Yet, the power in what they now know gives me the confidence to now watch as they take on these issues for a new generation. And, once they’ve grabbed on and owned it, we can join together and speak up with a louder voice than before.

Organic Humor: Videos to Check Out, Share, and Enjoy

By Susan Lutz

The food wars rage on. Good things are happening. We as consumers are getting savvy about what’s in our food and the path it takes to get to our table. Here is a quick look at some of the funny, poignant, and entertaining clips I love. Humor gets the point across like no other. As Mark Twain said, “Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand.”

The more we share these clever ideas, the more it will reach an audience, open a door, and perhaps, start a conversation and a new way of thinking.

Cuke Vador? Ham Solo? My kids love this video and it makes me chuckle every time I see it. The Grocery Store Wars is perfectly timed to circulate again with the new (and old) audiences o Star Wars. The props are funny; the lines are cheeky and clever.

This video captures the ridiculous concept of marketing and the power of the written word. Every time I shop, I laugh and gasp at corporations’ claims that their product is “all natural.” After reading the ingredient list, there’s nothing natural about the preservatives, the dyes, and unpronounceable things that start with “p.” I giggle at the amazing pull of advertising and marketing to make us all feel better about paying for close-enough to organic products. Great script. Hilarious.

This video is clever. The satire is on the mark. Simply and with razor-sharp wit, it questions why we had to mess with nature at all. Guess the job just wasn’t up to Monsanto’s standard.

Genetic Scientists Develop Sheep With Brain Of A Goat – The Onion published this short clip showing the overall ridiculous world of altering life on the planet. I realized that I smiled from beginning to end.

Climate Change Deniers Anthem: Beau Bridges plays the Koch brothers; the singers gather to offer up an anthem, We are the World style, that we’re just fine. The climate’s not changing – polar bears are fine; Al Gore’s a liar; and the earth’s temperatures are not rising. We’re fine!

When something’s funny, it hits a chord. The power of video can spread consciousness in a way that isn’t so preachy. Humor may save us all, as nothing can stand against the wave of its assault. Watch and see.





WECAN: Women’s Earth & Climate Action Network

Maxine-Abba-Meg_2This weeks episode takes us to the Global Women’s Climate Justice Day of Action at the UN, sponsored by the Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN). This event was attended by women from over 50 countries. To have such a collection of amazing women in one place, who presented stories of courage and resilience in combating climate change was deeply touching. Women play a key role in adapting solutions to climate change, and it was an honor to speak with WECAN founder Osprey Lake, environmentalist visionary Sally Ranney, as well as Neha Misra founder of Solar Sister, Harriet Shugarman Executive Director of ClimateMama, Executive Director of CELF Katie Ginsberg and student Coreena, and Patricia Gualinga-Montalvo, Indigenous Leader of Ecuador, whose interview was translated by Amazon Watch’s Executive Director Leila Salazar-López. For more information visit wecaninternational.org


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