The Holiday Plastic Conundrum, plus Holiday Astrology with Charlotte Ghiorse, Sexy Astrologist

There is a famous quote in the movie The Graduate which is given to Benjamin Braddock by Mr. McGuire as he approaches Benjamin at a party to give him life some advice. Here is the dialogue:

Mr. McGuire: I want to say one word to you. Just one word.

Benjamin: Yes, sir.

Mr. McGuire: Are you listening?

Benjamin: Yes, I am.

Mr. McGuire: Plastics.

Benjamin: Exactly how do you mean?

Mr. McGuire: There’s a great future in plastics. Think about it. Will you think about it?

When Walter Brooke, as Mr. McGuire, spoke those words to Dustin Hoffman in his legendary role as Benjamin Braddock in the classic film The Graduate, audiences would not have known just how enduring the future of plastics would be. Since 1976, plastics have been the most used material in the United States and will most likely continue to be used in many years to follow. While it seemed that Mr. McGuire gave good advice to Benjamin at the time, companies have made billions of dollars in the plastic industry, and we are now inundated with plastic in the water, land and air, and it is even in our bloodstream. According to Stanford University, the average US household throws out 25% more trash from Thanksgiving to New Year’s than the rest of the year. Much of this is wrapping paper, often made with plastic films or glitter that make it impossible to recycle. Then there are the gifts themselves, especially for kids. So many toys are made of plastic! For many people, this plastic exchange takes place under a plastic tree. Plastic’s carbon footprint continues to expand as raw materials are manufactured into products, shipped all over, and eventually disposed of. So what can we do to reduce our trash and our plastic use since almost everything we buy as gifts, from toys and clothes to electronics contain plastic? So as the holiday season kicks off,  we get some insight into the plastic conundrum and also get a holiday astrology update with our resident eco-activist, artist and Sexy Astrologist Charlotte Ghiorse. For more info go to, follow Charlotte on her Facebook page Sexy Astrology. For more shows go to and Follow TMSOG on Instagram and Threads @tmshadesofgreen. Subscribe to The Many Shades of Green podcast on Spotify, Apple, Amazon, iHeart and more. #RaiseYourEcoConsciousness

The Wonderful Work of The Red Cross is Highlighted with guests Andrew Sindell and Rick Stein

“per humanitatem ad pacem” through humanity to peace.  Humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity, universality and the alleviation of human suffering are at the very root of the mission of the Red Cross, which is is one of the oldest and established humanitarian organizations on the planet. It is a movement with 16 million volunteers worldwide. It was established in 1863, and the organization has been graced with three Nobel Peace prizes which honored their work in World Wars l and ll (1917 and 1944), and also recognized their 100 year Anniversary in 1963. Helping people prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters has been at the heart of the Red Cross. The organization has recently recognized climate change as a serious and devastating threat for the 21st century. Climate change is a humanitarian crisis. In a statement released on April 21,2021, the Red Cross stated that “there is clear scientific evidence that climate change is occurring. These changes — caused in part by human behavior — are already resulting in more frequent and intense weather events. If left unabated, this will place an unprecedented burden on families and on the resilience of communities recovering from disasters.” On this episode I have the privilege of talking to two wonderful gentlemen who have been working with the Red Cross for many years. Andrew Sindell and Rick Stein’s hard work and dedication knows no bounds. Andrew Sindell is a Volunteer Recruitment Manager for the American Red Cross Greater NY Region, and he is a leading humanitarian leader in the Non-Profit Sector in NY state for over 15 years. He has extensive experience in volunteer management during large disasters throughout the country including Hurricanes Katrina, Florence, and Sandy. Rick Stein has been a volunteer for the Red Cross for over 26 years and is a Shelter manager. Other roles include recruitment, community liaison and blood drive volunteer. Rick managed the Red Cross shelter in Chappaqua during Super Storm Sandy. For more information go to (you can donate money, sign up to volunteer, give blood and so much more). Please subscribe to TMSOG podcast on all major podcast apps, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Threads @tmshadesofgreen. For past shows go to and #RaiseYourEcoConsciousness

Slime Molds, the Spotted Lanternfly, Fungi, Trees and preserving Nature with Taro Ietaka: Recreation Supervisor and Conservationist Westchester County, NY

Mother Nature is in need of help. It is imperative that we all work to keep the air, land and water clean, as well as do whatever we can to be active participants to achieve reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. We rely on experts to help us in this process, especially those who are conservationists. Nature conservationists are responsible for the practical management of the countryside. They help develop policies to preserve and protect areas such as woodlands, fields, rivers, mountains, forests or coastal areas, to develop awareness and understanding and to encourage people to be proactive in taking care of the environment. In Westchester County New York, there are terrific people who work to preserve the natural environment through a host of initiatives designed to protect thousands of acres of open space and the hundreds of species of plants and wildlife that thrive in the county. The conservation division plays a vital role in working on a variety of programs and services. We talk to Taro Ietaka who is a Recreation and Conservation Supervisor with Westchester County PRC (Parks, Recreation & Conservation). Taro coordinates the County’s biodiversity program to assess and protect the flora and fauna, and he oversees the six County-operated nature centers. We discuss the importance of science and nature programs for kids. We touch on, but don’t want to touch, the infamous slime mold, and we discuss what might help eradicate the invasive Spotted Lantern Fly (aside from squashing them, vacuuming might be a solution). We also talk about the importance of fungi being an integral part of forests and landscape. Taro is a certified arborist, and past president of the Connecticut-Westchester Mycological Association. He plays a vital role in maintaining and improving Westchester’s unique and beautiful natural environment for current and future generations to come. For more info go to

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Mothers Day in Retrograde, Mother X artwork, and some companies doing good!

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and we celebrate all women on that day who are caregivers and providers who give of themselves with all their heart and soul. It is also important to celebrate the ultimate mother of us all, Mother Earth. We must be eco-conscious and think about what actions are needed to preserve Mother Nature, so perhaps Mother’s Day traditions can also make space for our collective Mother. In the astrological world, this year on April 21st, Mercury turned retrograde in Taurus, the earth sign that rules sensuality and our bodies. As it turns out, Mercury in Retrograde runs through Mother’s Day, and I am not sure what effect that will have on the moms of the world, all 2 billion of them, as they celebrate the day. What type of energy will wrap itself around moms and Mother Earth? 

It’s interesting to note that in the US, Mother’s Day actually began as a women’s movement to better the lives of Americans. Its origins spring from lifelong activists who championed efforts toward better health, welfare, and peace.  Mother Earth is a metaphor which  focuses on the nurturing and life-giving aspects of nature, and she is THE collective Mother. All mothers want a healthy, safe, clean and green planet so that current and future generations can thrive. As Mother’s Day endures and evolves, we continue to commemorate the many ways mothers have fought to better the lives of their children, from social welfare to non-violence to protecting the planet. On this episode, our resident astrologist, artist, mother of three awesome kiddos, film maker and voice for moms, Charlotte Ghiorse joins us to discuss Earth and Mother connections during this period of retrograde, as well as her Mother X art exhibits, various green subjects and more. For more info check out and Sexy Astrologist on YouTube and Facebook. You can catch past shows on and #RaiseYourEcoConsciousness

The Rewilding School with Founder Eric Stone

We are living in stressful times, and connecting with nature is a way to become calmer and more centered. Being in a forest, on a beach or any open space adds to ones sense of well being, and provides a needed respite from the day to day grind of life. While being locked up during covid was horrific on so many levels, it brought more people outdoors, as walks in the woods or any open space provided exercise and benefits to your psyche. Children especially needed to connect to the outdoors and play in a park, make a snowman, build a sand castle, climb a tree, spot fireflies or listen to the songs of the birds. In our busy work-a-day lives, it’s good to know that there are people who help us connect with nature, and with each other. In this episode we talk to Eric Stone, who is a true nature connector. Eric is the founder of The Rewilding School, an outdoor education organization he runs with his partner Megan, which is dedicated to building connections between people and the traditional lands of the Wappinger and Lenape that we now call The Lower Hudson Valley. The Rewilding School runs preschool programs, hands-on summer programs, parent child classes, and workshops for school-age kids. For more info go to and @rewildingschool

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Teach Your Children Well about Climate Change with Guest Harriet Shugarman-Founder of Climate Mama

We are all anxious about world events and particularly to the degradation of the environment. The term eco-anxiety, includes “worry, fear, anger, grief, despair, guilt, and shame, as well as hope. A recent BBC Newsround survey found that 70% of 8- to 16-year-olds report feeling worried about the state of the planet. So how do parents, caregivers and teachers talk to kids about climate change? What can we tell them that will ease their tension about the climate crisis? We discuss these issues with our guest and friend of the podcast Harriet Shugarman, an incredible woman who is working to put children’s minds at ease. Harriet wrote the book, How to Talk to Your Kids About Climate Change:Turning Angst into Action, which provides tools and strategies for parents to explain the climate emergency to their children and galvanize positive action. Check out these websites for more info:

Our Kids Climate

Parents for Future Global

How to Talk to Your Kids About Climate Change, Turning Angst into Action.

Global Warming Six Americas, Yale Climate Communications

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How to Teach Your Kids about Climate Change with guest Harriet Shugarman

Our guest this week, Harriet Shugarman, wrote the book, How to Talk to Your Kids About Climate Change:Turning Angst into Action, which provides tools and strategies for parents to explain the climate emergency to their children and galvanize positive action. Harriet is the Executive Director of ClimateMama, a professor of Climate Change and Society and World Sustainability, and Chair of the Climate Reality Project, NYC Metro Chapter. She is a nationally recognized influencer, connector, and trusted messenger for parents on solutions to our climate crisis. Harriet is a recipient of the prestigious Climate Reality Green Ring Award, and has been praised by Al Gore as “an outstanding Climate Reality Leader, who has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to her role as a climate communicator and activist.” For more info go to,, and Tweet us your thoughts @tmshadesofgreen #RaiseYourEcoConsciousness

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TROMP, a poem written and performed by Martha Joy Rose, Founder of The Museum of Motherhood. She is a Mom who Rocks!

Joy wrote this poem one week before the inauguration of our new President and VP after four years of suffering, strife, and lies in January 2021. She recorded this poem during Kamala Harris’s swearing-in ceremony. Joy wrote “May the power and strength of all the women who have gone before stream through me, my heart, my brain, and my voice. Let us put dark days behind. Let us be healed. I stand in unison with those who believe in truth, justice, and liberty for ALL.”

Joy Rose, Super Mom of Super Bowl Champion Ali Marpet, is a Mom Who Rocks

Super Mom Joy Rose talks about her now Super Bowl 55 Champion son, Ali Marpet. Joy also shares a poem, talks about The Museum of Motherhood, Moms Who Rock, her band Housewives on Prozac, and much more. Always be nice to your Mama! For more info go to,, Tweet us your thoughts #RaiseYourEcoConsciousness

1719 Merry Merry and Small Victories

Saying farewell to 2017 in our year end show. It’s been a tough year, yet it had positive moments. Dedicating the good things in life, in honor of my brother Mitch, who passed away during the Thanksgiving holiday. He will be greatly missed. His music and art will fill the universe forever.

With all the tumult, we have had many Small Victories, and with the help of Stephanie Palumbo and Alison Diviney, we will learn about more Small Victories in the coming year. Go to, and for more info.

Green Diva Meg and I (Green Diva Max) wish everyone a  Merry, Merry and a Happy, Healthy New Year!



1708 Population Does Matter

Population does matter. The Earth cannot continue to produce the resources needed to keep both humans and the animal kingdom alive and well without changing our behavior. Tune in to 50 Shades of Green Divas ( and The Many Shades of Green (, and check out our conversation with guest Robert Walker, President of The Population Institute, as we talk about issues of population. For more information go to #PopulationDoesMatter


#1701 Why We March, Pink Hats and Big Hearts

#1701 Why WE March

We turned pink for this episode of 50 Shades of Green Divas, as Green Diva Meg (who also knitted the p-hats) reports from the Women’s March in Pompton Plains, NJ. It was a monumental display of activism, as millions of women and men took to the streets across America and across the globe, to partake in this most historic event, to raise awareness of the need to protect and love one another, and stand up for equality and social justice for all. Feminist icon Gloria Steinem spoke to the crowd in Washington, DC and said “make sure you introduce yourselves to each other and decide what we’re going to do tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow. We’re never turning back!” We need to keep our collective boots on the ground and not let up for a minute. Mr. Trump will hear us, and we will get under his skin. Keep the faith, and keep on fighting!