Teaching Kids to Garden with Karen Bazik Super Gardener and Educator

There was an animated TV show in 1991 called Captain Planet, which brought the need to protect planet Earth to the forefront. Gaia, the spirit of the planet, assembled a diverse team of “Planeteers” who were able to combine their powers to summon the appearance of superhero Captain Planet, who worked with the Planeteers to defend Earth from pollution caused by villains. It is a series that should be revived and perhaps tweaked a bit for 2023, to help children understand the need to protect the Earth. The program led to the formation of the Captain Planet Foundation, which gives grants to youth gardens and youth climate education. According to kidsgardening.org the youth garden movement has grown steadily in the past decade as more educators, caregivers, and families get excited about garden-based learning opportunities for kids. With that, the number of national and state grants available for youth gardens has increased. Teaching kids to be stewards of the earth is essential in creating new generations who are aware of the need to be proactive in protecting Mother Nature. Our guest on this episode is Karen Bazik who is working to educate kids about nature and gardening.  She does wonderful innovative and impactful work with kids and young people as a native plant nature educator and mentor in her role as the leader of the Chappaqua Garden Club’s “Junior Garden Club” program.  Karen is doing incredible native planting work with kids at the Chappaqua Library and will be hosting the “Great Pollinator Planting Event” taking place June 2nd 3-5 at the Chappaqua Public Library. https://www.chappaqualibrary.org/special-programs. Also visit New Castle Healthy Yards on Facebook.

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