#1525: 2015 Clearwater Music Festival

Abba-and-M-clearwaterNeither rain, nor fog, nor soggy dew could dampen the spirit of the Clearwater 2015 Festival. We spoke to many environmental activists and green entrepreneurs who are creating ideas, and spreading the message about the need to be proactive stewards of Mother Earth. Music echoed throughout the festival, with many performers motivating the populace to take a stand and raise their voices on environmental and social justice issues. Music icon David Crosby, sang new songs with lyrics that commented on the nation’s current state of affairs, and implored people to email, call or show up at the offices of their elected officials and make some noise. Pete Seeger would have been proud to see his vision perpetuated. For more info go to clearwater.org.

#1525: 2015 Clearwater Music Festival by The Many Shades Of Green on Mixcloud

#1523: Mamapalooza, Eco RV’ing & More

This week’s show takes us to the Mamapalooza Festival in NYC, which celebrates moms via education and entertainment. We spoke to “super mom” Joy Rose, founder of Mamapalooza and the Mom Rock Movement. She started the band “Housewives on Prozac” to not only rock out, but take us through the trials and tribulations of Motherhood. We also talked to Pierce Delahunt, a masters student at the Institute for Humane Education (IHE), to get some insight into education and how IHE is working to grow a more just, humane and healthy world. In addition, we chat with Brian Horowitz, host of the Rock and Roll History Show, about the greening of RVs and hitting the road in his solarized Air Stream. For more information go to mommuseum.org, humaneeducation.org and glacier-entertainment.com

1523: 2015 Mamapalooza, Eco RV’ing & More by The Many Shades Of Green on Mixcloud

#1517: 2015 NYC Vegetarian Food Festival

Veg-Food-Fest-the-many-shades-of-green-podcast-squareBe Kind to Animals, Don’t Be Cruel, Eat Your Veggies. All these phrases come together on this week’s program, as we celebrate vegetarian cuisine and cruelty free living at the New York City Vegetarian Food Festival. We spoke with Zoe Weil, Co-founder and president of the Institute for Humane Education, Nora Kramer, Founder and Executive Director of YEA (Youth Empowerment Action) Camp, Annie Hauck Lawson, Founder of Brooklyn Mompost, Susan Hargreaves, Founder of Animal Hero Kids, and Isis Phillips, Executive Director of Indy Kids. It was a pleasure speaking with all this dynamic and amazing women, who do so much to make the world a better place. For more information on these organizations go to humaneeducation.org, solutionaryschoolnyc.org, yeacamp.org, brooklynmompost.org, animalherokids.org, indykids.org and nycvegfoodfest.com

#1517: 2015 NYC Vegetarian Food Festival by The Many Shades Of Green on Mixcloud

#1513: The Clearwater Festival and Music with a Message

Tom-Chapin-long-cropThe Clearwater Festival was like stepping into a time warp and re-living moments of Peace, Love and Understanding through music, activism and innovation. It was wonderful to roam the festival grounds at Croton Point Park with my co-producer Abba Carmichael, my sound engineer Brian Horowitz, and summer research assistant Marco Spodek. We met and chatted with wonderful musical artists Dar Williams, Tom Chapin and more. The festival was dedicated to the late and legendary, Pete Seeger, who was the original founder of the festival. Various versions of the song Wimoweh/The Lion Sleeps Tonight, a song near and dear to me, filled the air throughout the day. I highly recommend attending the festival, so check out www.clearwaterfestival.org to jot down the date for next year. In the second half of the show we hear previously recorded studio performances from two activists who use music to share their message, Sharon Abreu and Morgan O’Kane.

#1512: Man Swarm

Dave-ForemanWhat comes first, the Earth or Earthlings? There are a lot of us humans on the planet, and we have to start thinking about keeping our numbers down. Join me and my guest Dave Foreman, activist, author, and founder of Earth First!, the Wildlands Project, and the Rewilding Institute, as we discuss his latest work, a new revised of edition of his popular title, MAN SWARM: How Overpopulation is Killing the Wild World, which is co-authored with Laura Carroll, author of The Baby Matrix. Population is one factor in the environmental degradation of the planet. Should there be a one child policy in the US or should we stop having babies altogether? What can be done to solve this problem? Tune in to find out. For more information go to rewilding.org

#1508: It’s All About the WE

RickUlfikHeadshotSmallWe are all interconnected to one another, yet the cultural mindset continues to focus on the me, rather than the we. My guest this week, Rick Ulfik, founder of We the World, is moving to change the paradigm by promoting awareness of the need for creating a more humane spirit, by enlisting change agents from around the globe, to build a more peaceful, sustainable and empathetic world. We the World works to develop global networks of collaboration via the 11 Days of Global Unity, and 11 Ways to Change the World. It’s time for the collective will of the citizenry to use the power of WE! For more information go to We.net

#1507: Eco-Thriller Author, Jenny Milchman

Jenny_Milchman_Ruin-FallsJoin me and my guest, author Jenny Milchman as we talk about her new Eco-Thriller, “RUIN FALLS”, which combines family suspense with environmental undertones. Jenny and I discuss how she interconnects issues of sustainability within the context of her writing.

She is also the founder of Take Your Kids to a Bookstore Day, and Jenny has a third book coming out later this year entitled “As Night Falls”. As special bonus, the first listener that contacts us via our Facebook page with the name of the town the main character lives in, which also appears in her previous book “Cover of Snow” and reappears in “Ruin Falls” will win an autographed copy of “Ruin Falls”. Visit jennymilchman.com to get more information about her books and Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day.