1713 Project Farmhouse, GrowNYC with guest Amanda Gentile

Our guest this week on 50 Shades of Green Divas is Amanda Gentile of GrowNYC. We discuss Project Farmhouse, a beautiful new LEED certified facility, which brings farming  and sustainable education into the heart of NYC. The space contains a full kitchen, conference area, and it has a Green Hydroponic wall which contains freshly grown herbs and greens. Amanda explains the importance of this new facility, and the need to educate citizens of NYC and beyond, about healthy eating, being more sustainable and practicing the three Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle) within one’s daily routine. Changing our habits just a little bit will make Mother Nature and all Earth’s creatures breathe easier.

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#1530: Rewilding Manhattan

Rachel-Frank-The-Many-Shades-of-GreenWild thing, you make my heart sing, you make everything groovy, wild thing. Enter my guest this week, Rachel Frank, a Brooklyn based artist who focuses on the environmental practice of rewilding. Her performance pieces have been shown at Socrates Sculpture Park, The Select Fair and the Bushwick Starr. I met Rachel at an art event on a rooftop in NYC via the Franklin Furnace. She performed a piece using giant sculpted Bison Head Masks, as a vehicle to reintroduce bison into select landscapes in NYC and other parts of the country. The Bronx Zoo is currently working on a Bison Project, and the concept of rewilding is taking hold in both urban and rural areas. For more information on what Rachel is currently working on go to rachelfrank.com

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#1529: Going Solar, Baby!

Vote-Solar-the-many-shades-of-green“Here comes the sun, here comes the sun and I say, it’s alright.” – George Harrison

New York State is committed to achieve 50% renewable energy by the year 2030. The Shared Renewable Program is part of that push, and Governor Cuomo recently stated that “this program is about protecting the environment and ensuring that all New Yorkers, regardless of their zip code or income, have the opportunity to access clean and affordable power.” This week’s show takes us to the #Solar4All Community Celebration sponsored by Solar One and Vote Solar. We heard from the NYS Energy Czar Richard Kaufman, as well as many other New York elected officials, who have worked to get this program off the ground. We spoke to Peter Olmsted and Adam Browning of Vote Solar, who are instrumental is developing policy for solar projects in New York, and beyond. We also spoke to Elana Laichena, Program Manager for Here Comes Solar, a project of Solar One, which promotes many solar initiatives. The Shared Renewable Program will help improve neighborhood health, resiliency and create opportunity, as renters, businesses, and homeowners will be able to participate in renewable energy projects, and receive tax credits on their utility bills. For more information go to votesolar.org, herecomessolar.nyc and sharedrenewables.org

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#1520: Adam Roberts, CEO of Born Free USA

Born-Free-USA-The-Many-Shades-of-Green-square-2This week’s show takes us to jungles, plains, back lots and road shows to focus on animal welfare and the need for wildlife protection. My guest, Adam Roberts, CEO of the organization Born Free USA, and I discuss the plight of elephants and lions and what is causing them to be endangered. We also talk about the cruelty and neglect of Exotic pets, and the treatment of animal actors in circuses, film and TV. Lions may be sleeping, but we need to ROAR to save them. For more information go to BornFreeUSA.org.

#1520: Adam Roberts, CEO of Born Free USA by The Many Shades Of Green on Mixcloud

#1518: To Life! Eco-Art in Pursuit of a Sustainable Planet


What is Eco-art and how does it differ from conventional western art and mediums? For the answer, tune in to this week’s program, as Eco-artist, educator, author and curator, Linda Weintraub and I discuss how eco-artists connect to the natural earth via photography, performance and public art, and much more. These cutting edge artists help transform our way of life, through their unique approaches and unconventional methods, which set out to transform our environmental consciousness. From the use of microbes, which ebb and flow into divergent patterns of life forms, to a sunflower which is equipped to photograph the sun as it follows it in the sky, this burgeoning art field helps raise awareness of the environmental impact, both positive and negative, that we humans are having on the planet. For more information about Linda’s work and her book: To Life! Eco-Art in Pursuit of a Sustainable Planet, go to lindaweintraub.com.

#1518: To Life! Eco-Art in Pursuit of a Sustainable Planet by The Many Shades Of Green on Mixcloud

#1442: Annie Hauck-Lawson, Founder of Mompost

Annie-Hauck-Lawson-The-Many-Shades-of-Green-2My guest this week is Annie Hauck-Lawson, author, nutritionist, master composter and the current Greening Director at Poly Prep Country Day School in Brooklyn. Annie co-edited the book Gastropolis: Food and New York City, and founded Brooklyn Mompost. She created the term “Food Voice,” and her recollections of her upbringing in Brooklyn, foraging for edibles in Prospect Park, fishing off the Brooklyn Coast, and starting one of the first Natural Food pushcarts in Brooklyn gives us great insight into her upbringing, which shaped her vision of the importance and connection we all have to food and nature. To get more information go to www.brooklynmompost.com

#1426: Veronica Horvath, Environmental Advocate

My guest this week is Veronica Horvath, a member of Americorps, who coordinates environmental service learning programs at the Prospect Park Alliance. Veronica is passionate about all things green, but she is most concerned about water issues, and what needs to be done to keep water safe and clean. We talk a bit about her eco adventures in Jordan, and her role as a volunteer for Riverkeeper. Tune in to find out what items popped up on the shores of Brooklyn Bridge Park during the Riverkeeper Sweep event. Veronica’s passion about all things environmental is truly a breath of fresh air. For more info on Riverkeeper go to www.riverkeeper.org

#1426: Veronica Horvath, Environmental Advocate

#1324: Riverkeeper Sweep

riverkeeper-sweep-david-and-lisaDavid Berreby, member of Red Hook Boaters, and Lisa Bloodgood, Environmental Advisor to NYC Councilman Stephen Levin talk about ways to become more in tune with the waterways in NYC, and how we can all be better environmental stewards. One way to get involved is to volunteer for the 2nd Annual Riverkeeper Sweep on May 11th, 2013. Help clean up the parks and surrounding rivers and estuaries in 70 locations from NYC to Albany. Events in North Brooklyn will take place at Grand Ferry Park in Williamsburg, McCarren Park in Greenpoint, and Valentino Park in Red Hook, where you can also go kayaking for free. For more information and to register for the event, go to www.riverkeeper.org/sweep


#1302: Elissa Olin, Green in BKLYN