Gulf Coast Love Story with Dayna Reggero, Founder of The Climate Listening Project

While oil & gas executives are planning massive expansions, we’re gathering to share stories of environmental injustice & continued hope.” Dayna Reggero

According to Earth Justice, pipeline spills can cause irreversible environmental destruction. Since 2001, there have been almost 700 reported incidents of serious pipeline failures. Over 2.6 million miles of oil and gas pipelines crisscross the country. Pipelines run through lakes, rivers, aquifers, and waterways, endangering the ecosystems and communities in their paths and fueling the climate crisis. Communities have the right to clean air, safe drinking water, and unspoiled lands, and they are being denied those rights by the harmful excesses of the fossil fuel industry. Our guest on this episode is Dayna Reggero who is an environmentalist, award winning documentarian, art activist and a guardian of Mother Earth. Her latest film project is called Gulf Coast Love Story, a collaborative Climate Listening Project which takes place in the Gulf Coast (Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida). Dayna has collaborated with artist activist Roishetta Ozane, photographer Rev. Michael Malcom, poet Ebony Stewart, and many Gulf Coast artists to produce a collaborative artistic endeavor visioning a better future grounded in the Gulf Coast Love. Artists involved with take part in the project. It is a movement comprised of artists taking action to stop LNG exports, who envision a better future for the Gulf Coast. For more info go to, For past shows on TMSOG go to and Subscribe to our podcast on all major podcast apps.

Cornell Cooperative Regional Clean Energy Hub in the Hudson Valley

We all have to care, we all have to do our part to protect Mother Earth. With the recent IPCC report from the UN, which stated that we will pierce the 2 degree threshold for global warming within a decade, it is more important than ever that we take actions now on both local and global levels to reduce the impact of climate change and carbon emissions. Our local and state officials must lead the way to create programs that help communities, especially in underserved areas, to be proactive in reducing green house gas emissions and more. This includes making renewable energy more available and affordable, creating green jobs and educating the public on what must be done to get people involved in working to curtail the use of fossil fuels while encouraging the use of clean energy. On December 9, 2022 Governor Hochul announced $52 Million Dollars in Awards for Regional Clean Energy Hubs to Connect New York Communities with Clean Energy Resources. 12 Regional Clean Energy Hubs were created to serve as centers of outreach, awareness, and education in regions across New York State to help foster residents’ participation, especially those in underserved or otherwise disadvantaged communities, with respect to New York’s clean energy transition. The announcement supports the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act which is in place to deliver at least 35-40 percent of the benefits from clean energy investments to disadvantaged communities, and help advance an equitable clean energy transition for all New Yorkers.  My guests on this episode are Frankie Lede and Amanda Catale who are working to put these important sustainability  programs into effect and are both stewards of Mother Earth.  Frankie and Amanda are Energy Resource Educators/Advisors with Cornell Cooperative Extension, who are working with the Energy Hub located in the Mid-Hudson Valley. For more info go to: SustainableWestchester: Regional Energy Hub Workforce Development – New Yorkers for Clean Power:

Coalition to Prevent Westchester Airport Expansion with Peter Schlactus

If you are living near a large or small airport, please know that you are being exposed to ultrafine particles of air pollution. Emissions from aviation are a significant contributor to climate change. If unmitigated, aviation emissions are expected to double or triple by 2050. Adverse environmental impacts affect communities that are near airports, especially those near watersheds areas which affect stormwater runoff and drinking water. Westchester Airport is a local airport in a suburb of NYC and there are major concerns about water and air pollution, as well as noise and increased usage by private jets. The skies are not very friendly in the surrounding communities, and my guest this week, Peter Schlactus, is tirelessly working to reduce the expansion of Westchester Airport, to help reduce environmental impacts to area residents, as the airport borders the Kensico watershed. Peter is a member of the Steering Committee of the Coalition to Prevent Westchester Airport Expansion, a non-profit watchdog group of community and environmental organizations, as well as many hundreds of unaffiliated residents that together represent thousands of constituents united in seeking a vibrant but limited and environmentally responsible County airport, with no expansion of airport operations. For more information go to or

To file a noise complaint go to

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Guest Greg Vizzi, naturalist and co-author of THE ORIGINAL PEOPLE: THE ANCIENT CULTURE AND WISDOM OF THE LENNI-LENAPE PEOPLE talks about the Indigenous world view and the philosophy of co-author Chief Quiet Thunder

How is the world view of Chief Quiet Thunder relevant to todays modern world? Guest Greg Vizzi talks about how the Indigenous world view has been lost to modern man, and why it is important to collect the oral histories and tell the stories of Native Americans. The traditions of the Lenni-Lenape, teaches “the sacred obligation to protect the Earth.” We should all be protectors of the earth and do our part to prevent further damage to the planet caused by fossil fuel pollution, which is having a damaging effect on the land, the air and the water. Greg is an American naturalist and writer, and he gives us some answers and background on the need to understand and appreciate the culture of the Original People. For more information go to Please subscribe to TMSOG podcast on all major podcast apps (Spotify, Apple, iHeart, Amazon, and more). Follow us on Instagram @tmshadesofgreen and on the web at, and #RaiseYourEcoConsciousness #BEEGREEN

TMSOG with Guest Maya van Rossum, Delaware Riverkeeper and initiator of The Green Amendment Movement

Our guest is Maya van Rossum who has dedicated her life to being the “voice of the Delaware River.” She has taken on industry, government, and even the U.S. Army, preventing harm to the River, communities, and environments she so bravely champions. Maya is currently working to empower individuals across the nation to stand up for their environmental rights by pioneering the Green Amendment Movement. She has written a book called The Green Amendment: Securing Our Right to a Healthy Environment.  In 2013, Maya and her organization achieved a major victory in the landmark case, Robinson Township, Delaware Riverkeeper Network,  v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The case, decided by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, revived the state’s long-ignored Constitutional Environmental Rights Amendment, empowering it to protect the people’s right to pure water, clean air, and a healthy environment.  Maya has also inspired some musicians, and a group called The Donuts wrote a song in her name, titled “Maya van Rossum’s Blues,”  which is about an oil spill that spewed 165,000 gallons of heavy crude into the Delaware. For more information go to,, to hear more shows go to and tweet us your thoughts @tmshadesofgreen

TMSOG welcomes guest Margaret Perkins, climate activist with 350NYC

Our guest on this episode is Margaret Perkins, who works on climate legislation in NYC with 350NYC. We discuss the importance of cities in the global climate fight and the C40 international coalition of cities. We talk about the need to reduce carbon emissions in buildings, and we touch on the pandemic, and the vaccine, as Margaret has a background in public health and infectious diseases. It is very important that we all take action the reduce our carbon footprint, and below, see some solutions and actions you can take. For more info go to,,, . Send us a tweet @tmshadesofgreen

Easy steps to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions that
cause climate change.

 Shift your diet to eat more plant-based foods
 Reduce food waste and buy foods from local producers
 Compost organic waste; find local drop-off sites here-

 NYC passed Local Law 97 and this mandates limits on greenhouse
gas emissions in large building like Lincoln Towers by 2030
 Stay informed how you and your building must comply with this
 Use LED light bulbs, Energy Star efficient appliances
 Urge your board and management company to choose a “green”
energy supply company (ESCO) that generates electricity from
wind, solar or hydro;

 Buy brands that use non-fluorinated gases (CFCs and HFCs) as
coolants. HFCs are potent greenhouse gases. See brands here;
 Dispose of old appliances according to local Dept of Sanitation

Earth Day at 50: what do we want Earth Day to look like on its 100th Anniversary in 2070?

This is a special addition of 50 Shades of Green Divas with Green Divas Meg, Lisa, Max and Elly. We have various special guests who answer the question: what actions can we take now to make the environment better in 2070, when the people of planet Earth celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Earth Day? Our guests include environmental activists in various fields including Ed Begley Jr., Raffi, Dayna Reggero, Harriet Shugarman, Seth Leitman, and more. We need to use our collective will to be active, in order to put measures in place to reduce carbon emissions. We are living in difficult times right now, but there are silver linings. Go to for more info.

1815 Is it the Weather or is it Climate Change with guest Paul Douglas, Meteorologist

“The climate is changing, our lives rearranging, the weather just alters our minds. It’s cold where it’s hot, it’s hot where it’s cold, some things you cannot deny.” That’s a lyric from  a song I wrote called, ‘Find The Blue’ and as the recent U.S. National Climate Assessment Report Volume Two predicts the climate is changing. There are high risks of future disasters from flooding,  droughts, fires, and  extreme weather events, which will have a profound effect on the populous of the America citizenry, and the globe. The question is : why are we downplaying climate change? Green Divas Meg and Max discuss weather vs. climate, and we hear from Paul Douglas, a respected meteorologist  who gives us some insight into climate and weather, and how the changes in climate are impacting humans and the economy ( Get more info by going to Tweet us @tmshadesofgreen, @thegreendivas and @50ShadesofGDs.





1811 Food Not Lawns

Tune in to 50 Shades of Green Divas, as we discuss the role of lawns, and why we need to do something about our obsession with manicuring them. Spraying the grass with pesticides is not good for children, pets, or anyone else. Cancer rates are increasing, which is problematic to say the least, and the amount of water used to grow that perfect lawn, is adding to already bad drought conditions in many areas within the US and beyond. Why not do something lovely and grow a garden, or better yet grow some food. For more info go to    #FoodNotLawns
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1804 Before the Flood with Green Dude Fisher Stevens talking about Climate Change and Leonardo DiCaprio

This episode of Green Dudes features Fisher Stevens, Academy Award winner for the documentary film, The Cove, and a wonderful actor and activist. He directed the Eco-documentary, Before the Flood, which follows Leonardo DiCaprio as he meets with activists, scientists and world leaders to discuss the dangers of climate change and possible solutions. Green Diva Meg chats with Fisher about the film. I met Fisher Stevens at a screening of the documentary at the Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville, NY, and we talked about the movie, and briefly discussed how important it is to get the message out to all Earthlings, that we must be proactive in pushing forward ideas and solutions, to make the planet a cleaner and healthier place to live. For more info go to, tweet us @50ShadesofGDs, @TheGreenDivas, @tmshadesofgreen, @BeforeTheFlood_        #BeforeTheFlood



1803 Van Jones, Vien Truong, Rev Yearwood discuss Poverty, Pollution and Climate Justice

The most vulnerable members of society bear the brunt of adverse pollution effects. This is becoming more prevalent each day, as we see what has happened in Flint Michigan and the Port of Newark. Pollutants fill the air and water in lower and middle class neighborhoods, where the population is at greater risk both medically and financially.  This episode brings in three powerful community leaders, Van Jones, Vien Truong and Reverend Yearwood to discuss this important issue.  Cheech and Chong and Harold and Kumar also get mentioned, as spotted owls need to be saved from black market marijuana growers in CA.  There is also the story of Camels and Botox, yup you read that right.  So tune in, be informed and be active. It’s time to be Green for All! For more info go to,,

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#1620 Rock and Wrap It Up

This episode of 50 Shades of Green Divas features Syd Mandelbaum, founder of Rock and Wrap it Up, an anti-poverty think tank, which works to feed those in need by taking unserved food from concert and sporting events, and delivering what is collected to local food charities. This not only helps feed those who go hungry, it minimizes waste in landfills, and thus reduces greenhouse gas emissions. The organization is also working to feed veterans and get needed supplies to women who cannot afford feminine products. For more information go to