The Fight for Food: Who’s Got the Right?

By Susan Lutz We change all the time. We adapt and learn to survive in new ways. When it comes to food, we fight...

#1603: Beyond Global Warming

My guest this week is Victor Provenzano, eco-consultant and author, who has written articles for clean tech websites. His article for Clean Technics, entitled...

Organic Humor: Videos to Check Out, Share, and Enjoy

By Susan Lutz The food wars rage on. Good things are happening. We as consumers are getting savvy about what’s in our food and...

1602: Slick Water

It is no secret that mainstream media coverage of environmental issues is slow-moving, and many stories go un-reported in the press. Climate change deniers...

Actions Around the World – Issues to Keep Up with and Watch for the Coming Year

By Susan Lutz Over the past weeks and months, ideas that began at the grassroots movements finally found movement forward in actions by governments...

1601: Green Diva Meg

Ladies of green radio are kindred spirits who are working hard to make sustainable living an integral part of everyday life. So it is...

Annihilation of Nature

"The main purpose of this piece is to bring to light the many animal extinctions taking place on Earth."

#1541: Annihilation of Nature

Our guest this week is Dr. Paul Ehrlich, Professor of Population Studies at Stanford University, whose famous book, The Population Bomb, remains controversial to...

What the Climate Accord Means at Home

By Susan Lutz With the agreement of a landmark accord reached between 196 nations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and commit to truly working...

WECAN: Women’s Earth & Climate Action Network

This weeks episode takes us to the Global Women’s Climate Justice Day of Action at the UN, sponsored by the Women’s Earth and Climate...