John Parker – Riverkeeper

Riverkeeper, the guardian of the water, land and air celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year, and it is fitting to have friend of the...

Get the Lead Out

As the people of Flint Michigan fight for better quality water, the problem of lead pipes has come to the forefront of the newscycle....

1609: Move, New York

Crowded trains, broken roads, and traffic jams are all part of the commuting nightmare we face as citizens living in the NY Metro area.

The Fight for a Decent, Fair Cup of Coffee

By Susan Lutz One week coffee gets a bad wrap, the next a good one. Which is it? Is coffee good for us? Killing...

1608: Going Nuclear

This week's show goes "nuclear" as we talk to John Kelly, former Director of Licensing at the Indian Point Nuclear Energy Center

1607: The Essence of Effluence

My guest this week is Carl Gilpatrick, Senior Sewer Operator for the Town of Stony Point, NY. We discuss the essence of effluence a/k/a...

Women Farmers Turn Over the Land with Success

By Susan Lutz The roles of farmers often seem to go to men. Perhaps rooting from generations of roll assignments – the men work...

Man Swarm

Overpopulation is one of the biggest problems ever faced by mankind. With limited resources such as edible food and clean water, our society needs...

#1606: Redu

“Human Beings Throw Away Their Greatest Achievements in the Trash”  enter my guest this week, Amber Lasciak, designer and founder of REDU NYC, a...

Getting Green on the Road

Electric cars are cool, electric cars are fun, electric cars don’t pollute the air we breathe, so why aren’t there more of them on...