Deranged Poaching in Africa

The Last Savanna by Mike Bond offers many perspectives through an unusual storyline, which includes the point of views of Somali poachers, Commandos, and...


“Between its celebrations of privilege, and the angst of its reckonings, human life gathers unto itself a chaos of contradictions… If we are ceaseless...

When Communities Come Together, Certain Things Happen

By Susan Lutz Hope seems lost. So often headlines tumble us backwards, forgetting that hope exists. But all is not lost. I found hope,...

#1538: NY Senator Liz Krueger

How compassionate is the New York State Compassionate Care Act of 2014 legalizing the use of medical marijuana? My guest this week, New York...

The Spirited Reader: Introduction

This blog will feature reviews of nonfiction books that focus on the environment.

Just One Word: Plastics

At times it feels we’re just doomed to suffer in the toxic choices of our every day lives.

Science and Slaughter: Are Dissections A Waste?

Do educational institutions face a dilemma in the way animal anatomy is taught in school?

#1537: Dayna Reggero, Climate Listening Project

Billions of people around the globe are affected by the changes in climate every day. There are many stories that need to be told...

People Changing our World and Our Consciousness for Global Change

By Susan Lutz The link between a peaceful, thriving, global existence connects always, without exception, to the seeds of our consciousness when we make...

#1536: Brute Force

“Generally speaking, my background is the universe. As a life form I have been classified as a human being… I have been taught to...