#1515: Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot

Butler_TomOverdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot – Tom Butler’s new large format coffee table book, tells the story of how population increase, and the rise of the industrial complex, has led to social, economic and environmental problems world wide. The phrase ” a picture’s worth a thousand words” is most evident in the photos taken during this three year journey to expose man’s quest to dominate the planet, and leave sprawl, over growth, disease and destruction in its path. We over indulge, over-plug, and over saturate this beautiful planet, with blatant disregard for the other species who live on earth. Tom and I discuss how we can resolve and build solutions to these problems. This unique approach, which uses powerful photographs, illustrates that humankind must do better, we must stop drilling, stop building and stop decimating the earth. Mother Nature is not happy, but we can do things to make her smile again. Go to populationspeakout.org for more information.

#1515: Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot by The Many Shades Of Green on Mixcloud

#1509: Bedford 2020

Bedford2020_trans-01This week’s program takes place at the Bedford 2020 Summit and Solar Action Day. We spoke to Andrew Revkin, writer of the Dot Earth Blog for the New York Times, as well as Peter Olmsted, East Coast Regional Director for Vote Solar. We also spoke to Mayor Michael Cindrich of Mt. Kisco, NY about the solar projects on his agenda. Keynote Speaker Amory Lovins, of The Rocky Mountain Institute, spoke about new energy technologies that are on the horizon for the future of electricity. It was a gathering of innovators, educators and community, all working to promote solar and other renewable energy, in an effort to help create actionable solutions to green house gas emissions. A special thank you to Heather Flournoy for her hard work and hospitality. For more information go to bedford2020.org, dotearthblogs.nytimes.com and votesolar.org

#1505: Thinking Animals part 1/2

Bonnie-Wyper-Thinking-Animals-The-Many-Shades-of-Green_4If we could talk to the animals, just imagine it, chatting to a chimp in chimpanzee, imagine talking to a tiger, chatting to a cheetah, what a neat achievement that would be. In Part 1 of my talk with Bonnie Wyper, President and Director of Thinking Animals, we delve into the topic of animal behavior and cognition. Charles Darwin once said that “Evolution is not just the physical body, but our emotional sides as well.” Bonnie and I discuss how animals experience joy, stress, thought and nuance, and are more complex than humans know. Most humans think of themselves as superior beings, and species are being decimated because of that thought process. We need to step up and treat all creatures humanely. For more information go to thinkinganimals.org

1416: Sara Romanoski, East Village Community Coalition

East-Village-Community-Coalition-the-many-shades-of-greenThe East Village in NYC is a mecca for the arts, the bohemian in all of us, and it is a NYC treasure that must be preserved. Sara Romanoski, Managing Director of the East Village Community Coalition, is working hard to maintain the character, architecture and sense of community in this vibrant and historic neighborhood in Manhattan. Community Gardens dot the area with flora and fauna, and buildings with rich histories must be cared for and cherished. One must often fight for what’s right, and legal actions to maintain these buildings are intense and involve many community residents, and yes, many lawyers. The plight of the old PS 64 building has been an example of how the community has come together to save the 100 plus year old structure. With the influx of new money comes certain changes that do not reflect the character of the neighborhood, which is why the East Village Community Coalition is working to preserve the past and build for the future. Please visit www.evccnyc.org to find out how you can help keep the East Village diverse, bohemian and beautiful.

#1416: Sara Romanoski, East Village Community Coalition

#1348: Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage

Tony-Sirna-Dancing-Rabbit-EcovillageMy co-producer Abba Carmichael steps in to host TMSOG, and chats with Tony Sirna co-founder of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, a highly sustainable community, which encourages members to live off the land, off the grid and reduce consumption. They are a stellar example of being one with nature and being mindful of Mother Earth. Tune in to find out more about how Dancing Rabbit Eco Village is a model for eco awareness and preservation of the planet. Go to www.dancingrabbit.org for more info.

#1234: JK Canepa of New York Climate Action Group


JK Canepa, co-founder of the New York Climate Action group is today’s guest. JK and I chat amongst the willow leaves in a beautiful tree house, located at the Community Garden on 5th Street in the East Village. We talk about Deep Ecology, hydrofracking and how we can stop the city from using tropical wood from the rain forest on many NYC projects. Like proper naturalists, we      also talk to the squirrels and spot a bunny rabbit. Tune in and be one with nature.



#1234: JK Canepa of New York Climate Action Group

#1209: Kate Zadar or Newton Creek Alliance and Phillip Musegaas of Riverkeeper


Features Kate Zadar of Newtown Creek Alliance and Phillip Musegaas, Hudson River Program Director for Riverkeeper.



#1209: Kate Zadar or Newtown Creek Alliance and Phillip Musegaas of Riverkeeper