TMSOG welcomes Don Raskopf, we talk about the Clearwater organization, Pete Seeger, and what it was like to be a poll worker in the 2020 election

Our guest Don Raskopf is a long time member of the organization Clearwater, which was co-founded in 1966 by legendary singer and activist Pete Seeger. Don talks about the work that Clearwater is doing to help clean up the Hudson River, via the Clearwater sloop, and his relationship with Pete Seeger. We talk about how Clearwater has helped educate thousands of children on environmental issues and why it is so important to promote youth education and outreach. Don is also a member of the Beacon Sloop Club, which fits in with his experience as a carpenter and boat builder. He is active in Beacon4BlackLives, and was a first time poll worker in the last election. We discussed his experience with first time voters, and he had a wonderful story about the passion of those voters. For more information go to Check out for more shows, and go to for info on all things “green”.