#1509: Bedford 2020

Bedford2020_trans-01This week’s program takes place at the Bedford 2020 Summit and Solar Action Day. We spoke to Andrew Revkin, writer of the Dot Earth Blog for the New York Times, as well as Peter Olmsted, East Coast Regional Director for Vote Solar. We also spoke to Mayor Michael Cindrich of Mt. Kisco, NY about the solar projects on his agenda. Keynote Speaker Amory Lovins, of The Rocky Mountain Institute, spoke about new energy technologies that are on the horizon for the future of electricity. It was a gathering of innovators, educators and community, all working to promote solar and other renewable energy, in an effort to help create actionable solutions to green house gas emissions. A special thank you to Heather Flournoy for her hard work and hospitality. For more information go to bedford2020.org, dotearthblogs.nytimes.com and votesolar.org

1435: Peter Olmsted; Vote Solar

Peter-Olmsted-Vote-SolarThe sun is free, the sun is strong, the sun can power the planet. Join me and my guest Peter Olmsted, Solar Policy Advocate for Vote Solar, as we discuss how grassroot campaigns and communities can bring solar to the people. Peter works to promote energy independence and reduce the effects of climate change by making solar a mainstream energy source across the US. New York is quickly becoming a lead solar state via the NY Sun Initiative. Tomorrow may rain, but we’ll follow the sun. For more info on Vote Solar initiatives and how you can help solarize your community, go to votesolar.org