#1316: Anna Almiroudis, Anthesis Organic Skincare

anna-anthesis-organic-skincareAnna talks about how toxins invade our bodies through various products, as well as how pollutants affect our bodies and skin. Anna makes organic natural beauty products that are kind to your body and the earth. Visit her store Anthesis at The Shops at DUMBO. Visit www.anthesisorganic.com for more info or www.etsy.com/shop/anthesis

#1316: Ana Almiroudis, Anthesis Organic Skincare

#1305: Barbara Landis, The Nose

barbara-landisMeet Barbara Landis, the “Wine Lady” who became known in the wine industry as “The Nose.” We chat about her career and about the organic wine industry, which has been growing in popularity, as people are becoming more conscious about the ecology of wine. For more information, you can go to www.organicconsumers.org or send an email to Barbara at [email protected]


#1305: The Nose

#1218: Jeff Hittner of Ethikus and Shop Your Values Week


Features Jeff Hittner, co-founder of Ethikus, an online community of ethical consumers and businesses, helping people discover ethical and sustainable shops in New York City, particularly small, local businesses.






#1218: Jeff Hittner of Ethikus and Shop Your Values Week

#1114: Sophia Sylvester of Brooklyn Flavors


Features Sophia Sylvester, owner of Brooklyn Flavors a natural skin care company.







#1114: Sophia Sylvester of Brooklyn Flavors