1421: The Margo Family

The-Margo-Family-The-Tokens-on-The-Many-Shades-of-Green.pngHow special it was to have my mom Ruthie, the Queen of F’ing Everything join me in the studio for her 95th Birthday. Token Bros Phil and Mitch Margo were also there to celebrate mom, and to talk about growing up in Brooklyn and being sustainable before it became a buzzword. Mom talked about gardening and nature walks on Ocean Parkway, and vacant lots that grew wild flowers and shrubs that we used as cuttings. Throw in some politics and music to spice things up, and voila a birthday celebration turned into a show. My Dad Leon, was definitely looking down from the heavens and smiling. For more info on Phil and Mitch go to www.thetokens.com and check out a great reading tool www.margoreader.com.

#1421: The Margo Family

#1226: Activists Phil and Mitch Margo of the Tokens


Phil and Mitch Margo of The Tokens — Brooklyn Boys — who are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the hit song The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Both Phil and Mitch are experienced writers, performers, producers and activists who deeply care about the planet.




#1226: Activists and Musicians Phil and Mitch Margo of the Tokens

#1211: Activist Phil Margo


Features Phil Margo, musician and author of the science fiction novel The Null Quotient.





#1211: Activist Phil Margo