Let It Go! With guest Susan Pollet author of “Watching and Letting It All Go”

Here is a quote by Mary Oliver about Thoughts On Letting Go:

 “It’s possible to move on from someone even if your heart refuses to let go. And it’s not something you need to consciously do. It will just happen gradually, over time. The ache will always be there but the intensity will fade and you’ll find other beautiful things to fill your days with.” This leads me to think about one of the most popular songs in the Disney catalog entitled “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen. It is written by Kristen Andersen Lopez and Robert Lopez and sung by Idina Menzel. Keep in mind this is from an animated movie that children love. The chorus has been sung by young kiddos a billion times. It’s interesting, as the song delves into the emotion of letting things go and the thoughts of a young girl not being taken seriously. My guest Susan Pollet and I discuss her latest book entitled Watching and Letting It All Go, which is a collection of fictional short stories that explore both the process of watching and “letting go.” Susan is an author, artist and attorney who has been practicing law for over forty years, primarily in the area of family law. Susan’s experience in family law has given her a deep perspective into what women deal with to keep their heads above water. For more info go to SusanPollet.com For past shows go to hudsonriverradio.com and malcolmpresents.com. Please subscribe to TMSOG podcast on all major podcast apps. #RaiseYourEcoConsciousness