Beyond Pesticides with Guest Akayla Bracey

We need pollinators to survive. Pollination is important for a strong, healthy ecosystem, but the use of chemicals to kill weeds and other unwanted bugs is causing massive declines in the pollinator population. One in three bites of food you eat depends on pollinators. Pollination is an essential part of plant reproduction. The main reason for the decline of bees and other pollinators is the over use of pesticides.  We know this is a problem, yet millions of tons of pesticides are sprayed daily on crops and lawns globally. What the heck are we thinking, and why are we still poisoning the land?  Our guest on this episode is Akayla Bracey, who is the Science and Regulatory Manager at Beyond Pesticides who has some answers to questions on pesticide use, and why we need to stop using the toxic sprays that are killing much more than the weeds, and what the non-toxic alternatives are. For more info go to For past shows go to, and subscribe to TMSOG podcast on your favorite podcast app. #THINKGREEN #BEEGREEN!