1808 Every day should be Earth Day! Get Active and be resilient!

Happy Earth Day, Earth Week, Earth Month, Earth Year from Green Divas Meg and Max. It is everyone’s job to be proactive to protect the planet, and to be resilient. The show features the tune California Reggae Debate (You Got the Power) by Token great and sorely missed brother, Mitch Margo. There is also commentary by Harriet Shugarman, founder of Climate Mama, Ed Begley Jr., a very Super Green Dude and Stephanie Palumbo founder of Small Victories. The episode wraps with a song by Brute Force to help welcome in Earth Day #EarthAlways. Tweet us your thoughts: @50ShadesofGDs, @thegreendivas, @tmshadesofgreen.  Check out climatemama.com and begleyliving.com as well as thegreendivas.com, celebratesmallvictories.com and themanyshadesofgreen.com