1708 Population Does Matter

Population does matter. The Earth cannot continue to produce the resources needed to keep both humans and the animal kingdom alive and well without changing our behavior. Tune in to 50 Shades of Green Divas (thegreendivas.com) and The Many Shades of Green (themanyshadesofgreen.com), and check out our conversation with guest Robert Walker, President of The Population Institute, as we talk about issues of population. For more information go to populationinstitute.org. #PopulationDoesMatter


#1701 Why We March, Pink Hats and Big Hearts

#1701 Why WE March

We turned pink for this episode of 50 Shades of Green Divas, as Green Diva Meg (who also knitted the p-hats) reports from the Women’s March in Pompton Plains, NJ. It was a monumental display of activism, as millions of women and men took to the streets across America and across the globe, to partake in this most historic event, to raise awareness of the need to protect and love one another, and stand up for equality and social justice for all. Feminist icon Gloria Steinem spoke to the crowd in Washington, DC and said “make sure you introduce yourselves to each other and decide what we’re going to do tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow. We’re never turning back!” We need to keep our collective boots on the ground and not let up for a minute. Mr. Trump will hear us, and we will get under his skin. Keep the faith, and keep on fighting!


#1617: Green Sex For Climate’s Sake

Green Sex for Climate’s Sake (Yes, Green Sex is a shade of green)

There is no single solution for climate change…but separating sex from childbearing represents an under appreciated opportunity to forestall climate disaster…for the climate, family planning’s potential benefits are profound.

Those are the words of my guest this week, Alisha Graves, who is the co-founder of the OASIS Initiative (a project of UC, Berkeley which focuses on reducing population growth and poverty in the Sahel region of Africa). Her recent article, “Green Sex for Climate’s Sake,” debates the link between carbon emissions and population, and the need to educate young women, as well as young men, about contraception, family planning and health. For more information go to: oasisinititative.berkeley.edu and projectdrawdown.org.

#1409: Leon Kolankiewicz

Leon-KolankiewiczImmigration and over population are topics that intertwine, and are somewhat under the radar. Those two issues will have long lasting negative effects on our natural resources and carbon emissions. Join me and my guest Leon Kolankiewicz. environmental scientist, natural resources planner, and author, as we discuss those topics. We also talk about the greening of the current generation of millennials, and what their thoughts are about issues of sustainability. Will they save the planet? Tune in to find out. For more information, visit the Population Media Center www.populationmedia.org or The Population Institute at www.populationinstitute.org.

#1409: Leon Kolankiewicz

#1407: Alan Weisman, author of Countdown

alan_weisman_interviewJoin me and my guest Alan Weisman, award winning author and journalist, as we touch on the subject of his latest book “Countdown”, which gives us insight into how over population and over consumption directly affects the environment. The demand for energy increases as the population rises, which is depleting our natural resources and adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Alan is deeply concerned about these issues, and we can start to fix things by educating the populous, especially women, about reproductive rights, contraceptives, having smaller families, which will lessen the impact on the environment, and lead to a healthier planet. Search the web for “Countdown” and Alan Weisman to get more information.

#1407: Alan Weisman

#1403: Joy Rose, Director of the Museum of Motherhood & Founder of Moms Who Rock

Joy-Rose-tmsogDirector of the Museum of Motherhood and founder of the Moms Who Rock movement, Joy Rose joins us for a conversation about the interconnection of Motherhood and Mother Nature. We talk about issues of ecofeminism, the need to curb population growth, societal tribulations of women, and much, much more. Moms have the power!!! To get more information on the Mom’s Movement go to MOMmuseum.org & Mamapalooza.com

#1403: Joy Rose, Director of the Museum of Motherhood & Founder of Moms Who Rock

#1405: Adele Stan, RH Reality Check Reporter

Adele-Stan-Reality-Check-The-Many-Shades-of-GreenOur guest this week is Adele Stan, Washington Bureau chief for RH Reality Check. She is an author and investigative reporter who covers reproductive rights, the modern feminist movement, as well as voters rights, environmental topics and issues of overpopulation. Find out why “things don’t go better with Koch”, and how Citizens United has wreaked havoc on the foundation of our political system. To find out more go to www.rhrealitycheck.org/author/adele-stan/

#1405: Adele Stan, RH Reality Check Reporter